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Seeking Adventurous Climber for Mission in Lefkada

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    I’m really sorry for making contact this way – I’m just looking to get in contact with any local climbers.

    So, long shot here. I’m wondering if anyone on this forum is (or knows someone) based in Lefkada? This will sound random, but I was looking to find any local climber to try and rescue a stuck drone on a Cliff above a beach in SW Lefkada? It’s about 30m up at best guess, with about 25m of that being sheer (though I’m sure there could be other routes. Alternatively, it’s over 100m down from above.

    I’ve never climbed rock like this before, and not even sure if the limestone cliffs can be safely bolted and climbed? I don’t have any equipment, so it’s well beyond my capabilities – and wouldn’t want anyone to risk injury attempting to retrieve it, either.

    Of course, I’m looking to financially reward anyone that is able to get it safely back down. It’s sadly no use to anyone else, as it is locked to my account/controller. Heck, even if it falls and breaks, I’d at least like to get the memory card back…

    If anyone would like to know more, including a photo of the location, please PM me!

    And, apologies for using this forum as a bulletin board. I just wasn’t sure how else to find locals that might be familiar with the rock in the area. I hoped that maybe now the tourist season is slackening, there might be some bored guides about.


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