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Climb Greece was founded in 2014 by Aris Theodoropoulos and Katie Roussou, combining their passion and work backgrounds. Through their two websites, Climb Greece and Climb Kalymnos, their goal is to offer climbers around the world accessible, easy-to-understand information about a wide range of topics related to climbing in Greece. Aris and Katie divide their time between Athens and Kalymnos, and they love to connect with other climbers, so feel free to contact them or say hello if you run into them at the crag.


Aris Theodoropoulos is a Greek mountain guide, climbing instructor, vertical access trainer and full-time Kalymnos activist. He is the author of the 2014 guidebook Greece Sport Climbing: The Best Of, as well as the author of five editions of the Kalymnos climbing guidebook; a Varasova guidebook; a climbing training manual; and a mountaineering instruction manual. Aris has directed the Acharnes Greek Alpine Club’s Climbing & Mountaineering School since 1989, while he has equipped countless climbing routes all over Greece, many of which are classic, since the early 1980s. He has been the official trainer of PETZL in Greece for consecutive years, specializing in Work at Height Safety & Rescue Training; among others, he trains the employees of Cosmote, the country’s largest mobile phone provider.


Katie Roussou is a translator, copywriter and narrator raised in both the USA and Greece.  She has translated the Greece Sport Climbing guidebook (2014) and the Kalymnos guidebook (2010) into English, as well as written a part of the original copy in both books. Among other projects, she translates hiking maps from Greek to English for Terrain Editions, lends her voice to English narrations for museum projects, and she is the main administrator of Climb Kalymnos and Climb Greece, so feel free to email her with any feedback or suggestions.

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