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Sector Anatoli in Nafplio

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    Hi, I am in Nafplio now and for another week. I have a listing of routes and grades for a crag called Anatoli that is not in Ari’s guidebook. I would like toclimb there but don’t know where the sector is. Can anybody help? There are no climbers here now to ask. I am surprised at this. Maybe the heat is too much? Is there a climbing shop that could help me out? Thanks.



    Hi Steve,

    There is an older post here on this site with directions to the crag; I am copy-pasting them below:

    Map coordinates: 37.549132, 22.815488

    Approach: As you come into town from Leoforos Argous, keep slightly to the right and onto Kiprou St. As soon as you see the hill of Palamidi ahead of you, turn left onto 25 Martiou St following the sign to “Palamidi”. At the top of the uphill road, on the outskirts, do not turn right towards “Palamidi” but continue straight ahead, towards Karathona Beach. Drive downhill for about 1km and turn at the first road you meet on the right. Park 100m before the end of the road. The cliff is up to your right. The path is very good and marked in blue. Walking time: Less than 1 min.

    If you have the “Greece” guidebook, check the location for sector “Karathona”. Sector “Anatoli” is on the opposite side; the two crags essentially face each other.

    There is no climbing shop in Nafplio, unfortunately.

    I hope this helps you find the crag!

    You can also see the rest of the “Anatoli” post here:


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    Thank you, Katie, for the speedy reply. We are thinking we will extend our stay here. There’s so much to do. You and Ari have been very helpful in the planning of this trip.
    Yes, we do have the guidebook. And we have taken Ari’s hotel reccomendation and are staying in a fabulous studio room with a great view in the Hotel Vasilis. Where would you advise we go from here considering how hot it is already? We had thought Leonidio but I think it would be even hotter there. Lagonda? Well, time to climb…and swim. Thanks again. Steve & Sonya



    I found it! Yay. Thr sector Anatoli turned out to be the first crag I looked at when we arrived at Karathona Beach but I dismissed it as looking too broken up and weedy.
    Not so. The climbs are excellent from bottom to top. The bolting is superb. Very close spacing on every route so far. It wasn’t until I saw a Google Earth photo on another web site that I recognized the sector. We walked from Arvanitia Beach south along the wide, nearlly level and scenic promenade for about three kilometers and one hour. Just before arriving at the gate at the end of the walkway before Karathona Beach and the boat docks there is the remains of a narrow, concrete road. Step up onto the road and follow it to the second set of small, low cement blocks. I’m not sure what these are. I’ve set a cairn on the block. There is a trail. Follow cairns up to another concrete road. Follow the road. It will switch back to another cairn and the trail up to the crag. ” Sector Anatoli” is painted on a rock in the trail. The crag is in the sun all day. We have been leaving our stufio at 6:45, arriving at the base before 8:00. With this early start we can

    get in four or five routes before it is too baking hot to take any more at 10:00. There are rows and rows of beehives near the base of the final trail. They caused no problem. However there is a border collie dog we think is there to guard the hives. We were very concerned at first when she approached us but were relieved to find that she is a total pussy cat. She wasn’t hungry but was terribly thirsty. Bring extra water.
    Speaking of dogs. On the road up to the Karathona Walls there is a small ranch. There are at least five dogs here some of which are unleashed. Two came after us in spite of the workers on the ranch who made no effort to control the dogs. We had to run, with packs, the road to the chapel area. We worried all day about our return. We had to bushwhack a wide circle to avoid any encounter.

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    Just one remark : the crag is not in the sun all day, as you said. Even during the summer, after 16:00, there is shadow and you can climb. Probably you didn’t notice this information in Katie’s post :




    We have been climbing in sector Anatoli on September 25, 2017. We left early because there is a hornet nest on the left side of the crag (near Pelops). The nest is on ground level.

    When belaying you are right in the approach route of the hornets and they keep flying around you. We do not have much experience with hornets but they do not look like very nice insects …..

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